My demands for white friends

CW: religion, Bible, and Xtianity

So, today I have been thinking about white people in general. Honestly, I am tired of y’all. I love people in general. And I just want to say that these two are not contradictory. Change needs to happen STAT.

Now, I just want to be very clear before I discuss that further. Millions of ways exist to effect change, you don’t have to be an activist.

So another thing to be clear on, there is a particular definition of love as promoted by white people that sucks and changes nothing. I’m not all about that. Now, I’ll be taking some things from the Bible. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

  • I’m not all about: Patience. You white people ask us to be patient. Us Black people, separately, choose to wait. For what though? We get 0. We have been patient for too long. ENOUGH!
  • I’m not all about: Kindness. Kindness to White people kills us Black people.
  • I’m not all about: Selflessness. Being selfless for white people, is that really necessary? Time to start taking care of ourselves now.
  • I’m not all about: Being hard to anger. This world is incredibly anti black, and that needs to change!
  • I’m not all about: Forgetting the anti blackness that happens to us ALL. THE. TIME.
  • I’m not all about: protecting, trusting in, hoping for and persevering for White people to change. Black people must stop doing that!

What I AM definitely all about: Not delighting in evil and rejoicing in truth.

White people have consistently perpetrated untold amounts of evil for hundreds of years. That is the truth, and that evil needs to stop. This evil has been perpetrated upon various Original Peoples of the world, including but not limited to the peoples who founded humanity: African people and their descendants, of which I am one. African people are the Orignal people of all humanity.

So, change needs to begin happening. As such, much must be demanded of y’all White people. Demand, not request. As I said, kindness is killing us, and we must do this or y’all will eventually wipe us out. And that’s not humanity…

My demands:

  1. I demand that y’all pay reparations of all kinds – not only money – to us. Reparations for stolen labour. Give us things. Etc. In other words, we get to live for what amounts to free.
  2. I demand that you abolish the police and figure out better ways to keep everyone safe. Because the cops aren’t it.
  3. I demand that you learn about anti blackness and that you work to eventually remove anti blackness from your people, European ppl.
  4. I demand that you abolish prison and figure out better ways to deal when someone does something immoral. Prisons are anti black.
  5. I demand that you abolish race, which leads to the evil that you caused and continue to cause globally. From mind and society.
  6. I demand that you stop feeling entitled to emotional labour from Black people.
  7. I demand that you be accountable to Black people to carry out these demands.
  8. I demand that you learn about other oppressions and work to abolish them as well. No one is free until we all are free.
  9. I demand that you stop saying that we are suffering bc of our choices and start saying that we are suffering bc of you.
  10. I demand that you begin working on any of these or some of these or anything related in whatever way you can. There are literally millions of ways you can help. Also, if you stop thinking only about your resources, other people can help too.

If you refuse to participate yourself in whatever way you can and you refuse to ask for help, I do not want to be your friend. Because nothing is worth the loss of African people from the planet that all humans call home.