About me – Kylie Brooks

Hi, I’m Kylie Brooks. I’m a Black non-binary trans woman. I go by any of these: Kylie or Cassandra (she/her pronouns) / Jesse or Cass (they/them pronouns).

What I do

  • Will be third semester student at Humber College in the Computer Programmer program
  • Program Assistant at Hands ON ASL! from September 2015 to present
  • On the Prisoner Correspondence Project Toronto Collective
  • On the Ace Toronto Collective
  • On the interim ORAD board until ORAD’s Annual General Meeting – focusing on ORAD events, mainly the ORAD monthly social
  • Booking Assistant/Outreach at Deaf Spectrun
  • Online social justice activist dismantling oppression, focusing on anti-black racism, economic oppression under capitalism, transmisogyny, amatonormativity, ableism (especially anti-autistic and anti-nonambulatory ableism) and audism-phonocentrism.

Who I am

  • Aspiring computer programmer. Previous knowledge of Python.
  • Disabled – ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), CP (cerebral palsy), Autism, Deaf
  • Somewhere on the asexual and aromantic spectrums. Romantically attracted mainly to fellow Black Disabled women/nonbinary femmes.
  • Black non-binary trans woman
  • Black settler living on stolen Mississauga New Credit land

Contact me

Ways to contact me:

  • E-mail: kylie.marie.brooks@gmail.com
  • Address: Please e-mail me for address
  • Twitter direct message (DM): @queerdykekylie
  • Text: Please e-mail me for my cell phone number. Text only – please do not call as I am unable to take calls.
  • Phone: None. For text, please e-mail me. Text only – please do not call as I am unable to take calls.