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What you’re paying for when you hire a musician

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[Image: Title “Hiring a musician? Or asking them to perform at your event?”

What you think you’re paying for:

– Someone to perform some music

What you are actually paying for:

– Someone to perform some music, plus:
– Equipment and instruments.
– Hours of rehersal time.
– Rehersal space.
– Transportation to and from the venue.
– The amount of money spent on lessons and training to become the musicians that they are.
– Promotion and website costs.
– The percentage that goes to income taxes.
– Telephone and internet bills spent organizing the performance and its rehersals.
– Any manager, agent, or other booking fees.
– Insurance.

Not to mention…

– The payment also has to cover food, housing, bills, and all other living expenses.

Still think that offering “exposure” and experience is a fair price?

You wouldn’t expect a plumber, carpenter, hairdresser, doctor, dentist, optician, electrician, chef, mechanic, dressmaker or shop owner to work for free, would you?