Content Use Policy

Due to a recent theft of one of my tweets by Mic News, I am unfortunately forced to write this policy. I shouldn’t have to. Sadly, theft is the reality of existing in this misogynoirist world with people who aren’t Black women being socially conditioned to feel entitled to Black women, our words and our very existence.

What you are allowed to do

  • Share my blog posts and tweets on social media
  • Point others to my blog posts and tweets.
  • Quote a paragraph or sentence of a blog post with a link to that post and credit

What you are NOT allowed to do

  • Plagiarize my tweets or blog posts in school papers or assignments
  • Screenshot my tweets or blog posts for public posting on the Internet
  • If you are a journalist for a medium or big media company: Take a tweet or the entirety of a blog post and post it to your public media site without:
    • contacting me for permission, AND
    • paying me $100 to $200 for each tweet and $200 to $400 for each full blog post, PWYC.

If you want to use my content in a way not listed in either section, please contact me first to ask for permission. If my permission is conditional on  financial compensation, you must pay up before using it in the way that you are requesting.

If you use content in a way you are not allowed to, there will be consequences for being misogynoirist and/or breaking international copyright law. These consequences include but are not limited to:

  • Your content being taken down.
  • Getting a zero on your school paper or assignment.
  • Being publicly shamed
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of job
  • Loss of academic credentials